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Working groups and committees

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The Commission is assisted in preparing legislative proposals and policy initiatives by two types of advisory bodies.

1. Comitology committees, which are set up on the basis of regulations, directives or decisions.

 The comitology committees related to the work of the automotive industry unit:

  • Technical Committee - Motor Vehicles
  • Committee for the Adaptation to Technical Progress - Agricultural or Forestry Tractors

2. Working groups, which are established informally by the Commission services.

Working groups are set up by the Commission to assist it in proposing EU legislation or exercising tasks of monitoring and coordination/cooperation in relation with EU policies. These groups provide expert advice to the Commission. They may consist of national experts but also experts or stakeholders from business, NGOs, trade unions, academia, etc.

The working groups related to the work of the automotive industry unit:

  • Working Group on Motor Vehicles
  • Motorcycle working group
  • Motor Vehicle Emissions Group (MVEG)
  • MVEG Motorcycles
  • Working Group on Agricultural Tractors
  • Working Group on Hydrogen
  • PEMS Pilot Programme
  • Light Duty OBD Experts Working Party

The documents related to the work of the committees and working groups above are available in a dedicated CIRCABC group, Automotive Industry Committees and Working Groups. Access to the group is open to all and does not require registration.

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