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Access to vehicle repair and maintenance information (RMI)

Easy and clear access to information on vehicle repair and maintenance is key to guaranteeing free competition on the vehicle aftermarket. To this end, manufacturers must ensure that independent operators active on the vehicle aftermarket have easy, restriction-free and standardised access to information on the repair and maintenance of vehicles, without discrimination with respect to authorised dealers and repair workshops.

European competition law and in particular the block exemption Regulation 1400/2002, now replaced by Regulation 461/2010 and the accompanying Supplementary Guidelines, contained since a long time provisions on access to automotive RMI for independent operators. With the Euro 5/6 legislation, more specific provisions on access to RMI were introduced in European type approval legislation.

For light duty vehicles, such as passenger cars, RMI provisions for type approval were introduced by co-decision Regulation 715/2007 (Euro 5/6) and its implementing Regulations 692/2008 and 566/2011. For heavy duty vehicles, such as buses or trucks, similar provisions were introduced by co-decision Regulation 595/2009 (EURO VI). The Commission is currently finalising the work on the implementing measures of the legislation on emissions from Heavy-duty vehicles (EURO VI).

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