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Euro VI - emissions from heavy duty vehicles

The work on reducing emissions is in progress for heavy duty vehicles (buses and trucks) with the Euro VI standards.

The Commission's proposal for a regulation on a new norm called Euro VI, aimed at reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides and particulate matters from trucks and buses as of January 2013, was adopted in June 2009.

As follow-up to the adoption of the abovementioned regulation, a first implementing act, gathering the detailed technical aspects needed for certification, like for instance the requirements for the conduction of the tests to be performed at type-approval and during in service conformity, as well as a second implementing act on access to on-board diagnosis systems and repair and maintenance information, have been adopted during 2011.

In parallel, a 06 series of amendments to UNECE Regulation 49, carrying over the European Euro VI legislation into the UNECE acquis, has been approved in the January 2012 session of the Working Party on Pollution and Energy (GRPE). This will allow, in the near future, to accept type-approval certificates awarded according to UNECE Regulation 49, as equivalent to certificates based on the European legislation.

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