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Reference documents - adoption of Global Technical Regulations (GTRs)

Adopted Global Technical Regulations

All the adopted Global technical regulations are available on the UNECE web site.

  • GTR No.14: Pole side impact (Adopted 13.11.2013)
  • GTR No.13: Hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles (Adopted 27.06.2013)
  • GTR No. 12: The location, identification and operation of motorcycle controls, tell-tales and indicators (Adopted 17.11.2011)
  • GTR No. 11: Engine emissions from agricultural and forestry tractors and from non- road mobile machinery (Adopted 12.11.2009)
  • GTR No. 10: Off-cycle emissions (OCE) (Adopted 24.06.2009)
  • GTR No. 9: Pedestrian safety (Adopted 12.11.2008)
  • GTR No. 8: Electronic stability control systems (Adopted 26.06.2008)
  • GTR No. 7: Head restraints (Adopted 13.03.2008)
  • GTR No. 6: Safety glazing materials for motor vehicles (Adopted 12.03.2008)
  • GTR No. 5: Technical requirements for on-board diagnostic systems (OBD) for road vehicles (Adopted 15.11.2006)
  • GTR No. 4: Test procedure for compression-ignition (C.I.) engines and positive-ignition (P.I.) engines fuelled with natural gas (NG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) with regard to the emission of pollutants (Adopted 15.11.2006)
  • GTR No. 3: Motorcycle brake systems (Adopted 15.11.2006)
  • GTR No. 2: Measurement procedure for two-wheeled motorcycles with regard to the emission of gaseous pollutants, CO2 emissions and fuel consumption (Adopted 22.06.2005)
  • GTR No. 1: Door locks and door retention components (Adopted 18.11.2004)

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