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Consultation on enhancing the implementation of the internal market for motor vehicles

Results of the consultation

Based on the responses received to the consultation, a response statistics document pdf - 86 KB [86 KB] has been prepared.

Policy field


Target groups

All stakeholders (industry sector organisations, private companies, public organisations, Member State authorities, NGOs and individuals) are welcome to contribute to this consultation.

Period of consultation

From 08.12.2010 to 16.02.2011

Objective of the consultation

The EU motor vehicle type-approval legislation specifies safety and environmental protection requirements that new motor vehicles need to fulfil to be type-approved and to be allowed on the European Union market. Recently, this legislation has been considerably amended and updated to provide a coherent and robust framework fully adapted to the principles of "better regulation" and "simplification", and to respond adequately to societal concerns on the protection of citizens and the environment. However, there may still be room for improvement as far as the implementation and enforcement of existing provisions are concerned. In this context DG "Enterprise and Industry" of the European Commission is looking for the input of all relevant stakeholders, in order to assess how the implementation of the Internal Market for Motor Vehicles can be best enhanced.

View the background document

Detailed information pdf - 19 KB [19 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr)

Contact details

Unit: Automotive Industry, DG Enterprise and Industry
Phone number: +32 2 29 69962

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