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The European type-approval system is based on mutual confidence amongst approval authorities. For the system to function each Member State must have confidence with the tests, test reports, certificates and controls on the conformity of production of the other national authorities.

TAAEG meetings

The Type-Approval Authorities Expert Group (TAAEG) is a consultative body composed of representatives of all national type-approval authorities. The aim of this Expert Group is to ensure uniform application of the technical requirements for motor vehicles within the Community type-approval system. It serves as a platform to facilitate the exchange of information and experience regarding the implementation of type-approval legislation for vehicles. The minutes of the meetings are available here.

TAAM meetings

In order to maintain this mutual confidence, the European type-approval authorities meet regularly to discuss questions regarding the understanding and interpretation of the European Directives and the equivalent UNECE Regulations in view of ensuring their common application. These meetings are known under the acronym TAAM.

Please note that since 2011, the European Commission does not participate in the TAAM meetings, and thus the latest minutes are not published on this page. The previous minutes are published for information, and it should be noted that the minutes and the conclusions of the meetings do not necessarily always reflect the position of the European Commission.

3-4 June 2010

Sofia, Bulgaria

Agenda and minutes pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

8-9 October 2009

Brdo, Slovenia

Agenda and minutes pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

26-27 March 2009

Bern, Switzerland

Agenda and minutes pdf - 617 KB [617 KB]

9-10 October 2008

Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Agenda and minutes pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

9-10 April 2008

Leipzig, Germany

Agenda and minutes pdf - 652 KB [652 KB]

27-28 September 2007

Tallinn, Estonia

Agenda and minutes pdf - 2 MB [2 MB]

22-23 March 2007

Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Agenda and minutes pdf - 506 KB [506 KB]

28-29 September 2006

Vienna, Austria

Agenda and minutes pdf - 562 KB [562 KB]

5-6 April 2006

Dublin, Ireland

Agenda and minutes pdf - 189 KB [189 KB]

9-10 March 2005

Madrid, Spain

Agenda and minutes pdf - 299 KB [299 KB]

20-21 September 2004

Paris, France

Agenda and minutes pdf - 527 KB [527 KB]

4-5 February 2004

Bristol, United Kingdom

Agenda and minutes pdf - 148 KB [148 KB]

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