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This website is no longer being updated.

Please visit the new Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs website.

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  • 29/09/2015Crowdfunding explaineden
  • 07/08/2015The third European Cluster Observatory newsletter is now availableen
  • 31/07/2015Study published on EU Needs with regard to cooperation with Greenland in the area of raw materials en
  • 29/07/2015Accounting for small enterprises - Recommendations and good practicesen
  • 28/07/2015SME taxation in Europe – An empirical study of applied corporate income taxation for SMEs compared to large enterprisesen
  • 28/07/2015Study: Accounting requirements for SMEsen
  • 28/07/2015Accounting guide for SMEs - SME Accounting in Europe: insights provided by a desk research and a survey en
  • 28/07/2015Final report: Simplified tax compliance procedures for SMEsen
  • 28/07/2015Study: Effects of tax systems on the retention of earnings and the increase of own equityen
  • 13/07/2015Updated IP Factsheet: Hong Kongen

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