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Sustainable and responsible business

Sustainable Industry Forum 2013 "Treating Waste as a Resource"

European Commission - Enterprise and Industry

"Waste not, want not"says the old proverb and we are pleased to announce the next gathering of the Sustainable Industry Forum to discuss how industry and policymakers can work together to better exploit the potential of waste as a resource, create new jobs and industries and clean our environment.

Better waste management in the context of resource efficiency and industrial competitiveness is one of the key challenges facing many companies today. We also want to use this Forum to explore the opportunities for more industrial symbiosis and examine the role that remanufacturing and reuse can play in delivering sustainable competitiveness.

In this context DG Enterprise & Industry has commissioned a study "Treating Waste as a Resource for EU Industry: Analysis of various waste streams and the competitiveness of their client industries" and we would like to present and test draft findings with you.

This event offered you the opportunity to be part of the debate with a view to ensuring that waste policies are designed to drive rather than deter sustainable growth and jobs going forward.


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