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Sustainable and responsible business

Enterprise policy integration

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EU policies are designed and implemented in a way that balances and mutually reinforce economic, environmental and social objectives. Competitiveness, energy and environmental policies are interrelated and their impact is of significant importance in particular for many basic and intermediate product industries.

Enterprise policy, with its focus on competitiveness, helps ensure economic growth, thus providing the essential resources to tackle environmental pressures and reinforce social cohesion. At the same time, enterprise policy contributes to integrate environmental and social concerns into business practices, and promotes framework conditions conducive to innovation.

An integrated, coherent and balanced approach is required, to maximise synergies where possible, and mitigate trade-offs where these are required. Without economic development, a modern society can not ensure social justice. Declining economic activity and high unemployment saps the political will for action on the environment and ultimately risks creating resentment towards necessary measures to achieve environmental objectives.

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