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Sustainable and responsible business

Sustainable product policy

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The core of the Action Plan is a new product policy which rewards consumers' eco-friendly behaviours and producers' best products.

Most consumers are aware that their purchases can contribute to protect the environment.

But they need to know which products are eco-friendly or energy efficient, to make the right choice: Labelling

Consumers may also be put off by higher purchasing price for these products compared to other products. Manufacturers, if uncertain about the future demand for eco-friendly products, are not encouraged to invest in such products, although this is the key to make them cheaper in the mid term: Incentives

Consumers' behaviour also depends on the range of products available on the market, and of their environmental performance. The worst products should be phased out, and environmental standards should be updated regularly: Ecodesign

In the future, as energy and natural resources become scarcer and more expensive, and as climate change becomes a growing concern, those companies manufacturing eco-friendly products will benefit from huge market opportunities. They will also contribute to global stability. Firms investing sooner rather than later in eco-friendly products and technologies will therefore be first movers and benefit from competitive advantages.

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