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Ovens and furnaces

ENTR Lot 4 covers a wide range of laboratory and industrial equipment, including products such as (not exhaustive):

  • Furnaces: blast furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, smelting furnaces, muffle furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, rotary furnaces, vacuum furnaces, belt furnaces with conveyors, cement kilns, incinerators
  • Ovens: sterilizers, incubators, drying cabinets, reflow ovens, biscuit ovens, clean room ovens, thermal cycling ovens

The study aims at analysing whether and which ecodesign requirements should be set for these products.

The study was launched beginning of 2010 and completed in August 2012.

More information can be found on this CIRCABC open access link.


A separate Ecodesign preparatory study  (TREN Lot 22) covers domestic and commercial ovens (electric, gas, microwave) and can be found on the CIRCABC open access dedicated library of Ecodesign Preparatory Studies.

The selected contractor for the ENTR Lot 4 Preparatory Study is Cobham Technical Services (ERA Technology Ltd), United Kingdom, and the contact persons are Dr P. GOODMAN,, and C. ROBERTSON,

An Impact Assessment study for ENTR Lot 4 is also ongoing, jointly managed by Mr Sandeep Pahal of BIO by Deloitte, and Dr Paul Goodman.

Stakeholders are encouraged to contact the contractor's Impact Assessment team on their own initiative, should they consider it useful.


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