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Process chillers and Condensing Units

An Ecodesign Regulation is proposed to set mandatory energy efficiency requirements for refrigeration process chillers and condensing units. It will be based on a new way of calculating the energy performance for these products.

The Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio (SEPR) of a process chiller or a condensing unit is calculated from the COP of the product at 4 different ambient temperatures and cooling loads, called rating points A, B, C and D, which are deemed representative of the variations in ambient temperature and cooling load during the year. The SEPR will therefore provide an efficiency ratio closer to the real use than the COP.

The SEPR will be applicable to condensing units with a cooling capacity higher than 2kW at low temperature (evaporating temperature -35°C) and 5kW at medium temperature (evaporating temperature -10°C). The SEPR will be applicable to all process chillers (but not to air-conditioning chillers, which are subject to separate work.

To help manufacturers, in particular SMEs, to calculate the SEPR of their products, several industry associations (ASERCOM, EUROVENT and EPEE) have supported the Commission in creating an Excel tool which is available for free. Manufacturers only need to insert the cooling capacity and COP of the product at the 4 rating pointsA, B, C and D. The spreadsheet calculates the SEPR value automatically using linear interpolation between the 4 rating points (assuming constant capacity for temperatures above A and below D).


Air-cooled Condensing Units:

The details of the calculation methodology, including rating conditions, are included in the documents above, which are made available for the purpose of the future Regulations until adequate harmonised standards are adopted.

For the purpose of the future Regulations, existing standards require update to take into account the new SEPR formula. For condensing units, this is expected to be done as an update of EN13215. For chillers, this is expected be done as an update of EN14511, an addendum to EN14825, or a new separate standard.

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