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Professional storage cabinets

An Ecodesign Regulation and an Energy Labelling Delegated Regulation are proposed to set mandatory energy efficiency requirements for professional storage cabinets, and to help purchasers to make an informed and rational choice. It will be based on a new way of calculating the energy efficiency for these products.

The Energy Efficiency Index (EEI) of a professional storage cabinet is calculated as the ratio (multiplied by a factor 100) between the Annual Energy Consumption of the cabinet (AEC) and the Standard Annual Energy Consumption (SAEC).

To help manufacturers, in particular SMEs, to calculate the EEI of their products, EFCEM (the European Federation of Catering Equipment Manufacturers) has supported the Commission in developing a draft transitional document which specifies requirements for the construction, characteristics and performance of professional storage cabinets. In particular, the document gives key information for what concerns the “door opening protocol” and the “net storage volume” calculation.

The details are included in the documents above, which are made available for the purpose of the future Regulations until adequate harmonised standards are adopted.

To this extent, for professional storage cabinets, a new standard is currently under development by the CEN TC 44 WG 2. This continuing activity at standardization level, together with testing activities at manufacturers/laboratory level, may require future potential modifications or integrations to the draft document.

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