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Stakeholder Consultation

Consultation Forum

Article 18 of the Ecodesign Directive establishes a "Consultation Forum " which allows stakeholders to be informed and consulted on the implementation of the Directive. The Forum is limited to 60 members, including:

  • 27 representatives of EU Member States
  • 3 representatives of EEA Member States
  • 30 stakeholders

30 organisations representing all interested stakeholders (such as business federations, environmental protection groups, consumer organisations) were selected out of the numerous applicants to the call for applications pdf - 20 KB [20 KB] [19 KB] launched by the Commission and closed on 31st March 2006. Please see the list of official members of the Consultation Forum PDF [183 KB]. The group is open for observers from candidate and EFTA countries and from organisations which are not official members but have a legitimate interest in the discussion.

The task of this group of experts is to contribute to the definition and review of the implementing measures and to the assessment of self-regulatory initiatives by industry. The Forum is also consulted by the Commission during the periodic modification of the Working Plan.

For more information about rules of procedures, tasks, membership and operation of the Forum, please see the Decision establishing the Consultation Forum .

Working Group

The Commission ensures a common understanding of the Ecodesign Directive and its implementing measures through meetings of representatives of Member States and all interested stakeholders, in the Ecodesign Working Group. All issues relating to the implementation of the Directive, including market surveillance, are discussed there.

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