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Sustainable and responsible business


Energy label on a washing machine

The Ecodesign Directive provides with consistent EU-wide rules for improving the environmental performance of energy related products (ERPs) through ecodesign - brochure PDF [2 MB] . It prevents disparate national legislations on the environmental performance of these products from becoming obstacles to the intra-EU trade. This should benefit both businesses and consumers, by enhancing product quality and environmental protection and by facilitating free movement of goods across the EU.

Energy related products (the use of which has an impact on energy consumption) account for a large proportion of the energy consumption in the EU and include:

  • Energy-using products (EUPs), which use, generate, transfer or measure energy (electricity, gas, fossil fuel), such as boilers, computers, televisions, transformers, industrial fans, industrial furnaces etc.
  • Other energy related products (ERPs) which do not use energy but have an impact on energy and can therefore contribute to saving energy, such as windows, insulation material, shower heads, taps etc. The Directive is under the responsibility of DG Enterprise and Industry and DG Energy.

Contact: and DG Energy, energy efficiency unit

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