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Sustainable and responsible business

Research projects on CSR

High quality academic research should underpin public policies to support corporate social responsibility and feed into the CSR practices of enterprises and other stakeholders. 

The European Commission, mainly through its Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, supports a number of important CSR research projects. 

In 2010 DG Research and Innovation published a report on the conclusions of EU-funded CSR research to date.

Further information on CSR research and teaching across the EU and beyond is available on the Business in Society Gateway, a joint initiative of the Academy of Business in Society (EABIS) and the European Foundation for Management Development.

Main EU-funded research projects

2010 - 2013
Leader Organization: Öko Institut e.V. and EABIS
Impact Measurement and Performance Analysis of CSR"
This project is creating new tools and develop existing ones further in order to measure the impacts goals of CSR at different levels.


Lead Organization: University of Edinburgh
"The legal framework for human rights and the environment pdf - 2 MB [2 MB] Deutsch (de) español (es) français (fr) italiano (it) polski (pl) ”.
This study clarifies the current legal framework for human rights and the environment applicable to European companies when they operate outside the EU.


Lead Organization: Adelphi
"Study on Responsible Supply Chain Management".
Correlated with the UN Business and Human Rights Framework, this study identifies good practices and challenges in supply chain management.


Lead Organization: Insead
The aim of this project was to understand the nature of societal expectations regarding corporate behaviour and the nature of the corporate response to these demands from a business strategy perspective


Lead Organization: University of Bordeaux.
The project examines the social practices of European firms in the context of economic globalization, exploring the relationship between social responsibility, international trade, and the rights of people at work


Lead Organization: EABIS
"CSR Platform"
This project mobilised researchers in supporting and developing excellence in research on corporate social responsibility and business in society issues in the European Research Area.


Lead Organization: Öko Institut e.V.
This project aimed to improve understanding of how CSR can be enhanced in the EU and further contribute to sustainable development through a combination of theoretical and practical research.


2005 - 2008
Lead Organization: Jointly implemented by ICEP (Austria) and Codespa (Spain) together with Boston Consulting Group Spain and others.
"Innovative strategies for CSR project."
The project describes nine leading European corporations as well as their challenges in developing and implementing global CSR strategies. In 2009 the project led to the publication of "The global CSR case-book"

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