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FP6 Projects

Global Monitoring for Environment Security

  • AMFICPDF [2 MB] - air quality monitoring and forecasting in China
  • ASSISTPDF [2 MB] - alpine safety, security and information services and technologies
  • AWAREPDF [2 MB] - a tool for monitoring and forecasting available water resources in mountainous environments
  • BOSS4GMESPDF [2 MB] - building operational sustainable services for GMES
  • CASCADOSSPDF [2 MB] - development of a trans-national cascade training programme on open source geographical information systems and remote sensing software for environmental applications
  • DRAGONESSPDF [2 MB] - DRAGON in support of harmonising European and Chinese marine monitoring for environment and security systems
  • EAGLEPDF [2 MB] - Exploitation of AnGular effects in Land surfacE observations from satellites
  • GEMSPDF [2 MB] - global and regional Earth-system monitoring using satellite and in-situ data
  • GENACSPDF [2 MB] - GMES European-wide network assistance and coordination support
  • GEOLANDPDF [2 MB] - GMES products & services, integrating Earth observation monitoring capacities, to support the implementation of European directives and policies related to "land cover and vegetation"
  • GMES-POLANDPDF [2 MB] - promoting Polish participation in GMES
  • GMOSSPDF [2 MB] - Global monitoring for security and stability
  • GNUPDF [2 MB] - GMES network of users
  • GOCINOPDF [2 MB] - GOCE in ocean modelling
  • GOSISPDF [2 MB] - GMES organisation and systems integration scenarios
  • HALOPDF [2 MB] - Harmonised coordination of the Atmosphere, Land and Ocean-integrated projects of the GMES backbone
  • HAWKEYEPDF [2 MB] - thermal infra red hyperspectral sensing assistance for clandestine weapon surveillance under working conditions linking fixed airborne or space borne systems
  • HUMBOLDTPDF [2 MB] - development of a framework for data harmonisation and service integration
  • INSEAPDF [2 MB] - data integration system for eutrophication assessment in coastal waters
  • INTEGRALPDF [2 MB] - interferometric evaluation of glacier rheology and alterations
  • LIMESPDF [2 MB] - land and sea integrated monitoring for European security
  • MERSEAPDF [2 MB] - marine environment and security for the European area
  • MONRUKPDF [2 MB] - monitoring the marine environment in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan using Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite
  • MOTIIVEPDF [2 MB] - marine overlays on topography for Annex II valuation and exploitation
  • NAVOBSPDF [2 MB] - a support measure to boost the business prospects of GMES and telecom satellites through focused and innovative RTD work involving SMEs
  • NAVOBS PLUSPDF [2 MB] - expanding the existing NAVOBS network of GMES users in order to factor out common needs and instigate economies of scale in service delivery which will help SMEs (GMES service providers or customers)
  • PEARLPDF [2 MB] - port environmental information collector
  • PREVIEWPDF [2 MB] - prevention, information and early warning pre-operational services to support the management of risks
  • RISEPDF [2 MB] - reference information specifications for Europe
  • SCHEMAPDF [2 MB] - scenarios for hazard emergencies management
  • SEOSPDF [2 MB] - science education through Earth observation for high schools
  • VGT4-AFRICAPDF [2 MB] - distribution of vegetation data in Africa through EUMETCAST

Satellite telecommunications

  • AFSAGAPDF [2 MB] - African satellite communication and Galileo applications
  • BASE2PDF [2 MB] - broadband access satellite enabled education
  • HEALTHWAREPDF [2 MB] - standard and interoperable satellite solution to deploy healthcare services over wide areas
  • MOWGLYPDF [2 MB] - mobile wideband global link system
  • NET-ADDEDPDF [2 MB] - new technologies to avoid digital division in e-divided areas
  • RURAL WINGSPDF [2 MB] - Spreading the Wings of Knowledge: Bringing Rural Communities Closer
  • SATMACPDF [2 MB] - satellite communication market assessment and cost benefit
  • SISTERPDF [2 MB] - satcomms in support of transport on European roads
  • TANGOPDF [2 MB] - telecommunications advanced networks for GMES operations
  • TWISTERPDF [2 MB] - terrestrial wireless infrastructure integrated with satellite telecommunications for e-rural applications

Space transportation

SOYMANTRYPDF [2 MB] - Soyuz at CSG programme management and launch system telemetry and remote adaptations

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