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Services and applications relying on satellites have become an integral part of our daily life and our economies. These services have become so ubiquitous that they are simply taken for granted: television, internet, telecommunications, weather forecasting, financial transactions. In addition, spin-offs from space technology are often used in our everyday lives and provide new opportunities for other industrial sectors. Examples include innovative crash-test systems to improve car safety, microbiological sensors for water treatment and light-weight hydrogen tanks for environmentally friendly cars.

Space is part of the EU's economic strategy for this decade and integral to 'Europe 2020 Strategy' for achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. In a key policy document published in 2011 entitled "Towards a space strategy for the European Union that benefits its citizens български (bg) czech (cs) dansk (da) Deutsch (de) eesti (et) ελληνικά (el) español (es) Français (fr) Gaeilge (ga) hrvatski (hr) italiano (it) latviešu (lv) lietuvių (lt) magyar (hu) Malti (mt) Nederlands (nl) polski (pl) português (pt) română (ro) slovenčina (sk) slovenščina (sl) suomi (fi) svenska (sv) ", the Commission identifies clear objectives for such a strategy: promote technological and scientific progress, foster innovation and industrial competitiveness, ensure that European citizens fully benefit from European space applications, and strengthen Europe’s role in space at an international level. This policy reflects the many benefits that Europe can derive from space and looks to secure the maximum political, economic and social returns from Europe's joint investment (EU, ESA and Member States) in space.

The European space policy aims to bring space truly 'down to Earth' by clearly demonstrating its relevance and direct application for growing services to society.

The range of applications which provide daily benefits and rely on space technologies is so vast (over 30 000) that a satellite signal failure or disruption would dramatically affect our daily lives.

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