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European Space Expo

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Over 500 000 European citizens have now visited the European Space Expo, as it continues its tour of major European cities. The free exhibition highlights the many ways in which the EU space programme helps EU citizens 'on the ground' every day.

The Expo presents key information on the European space programmes - from satellite navigation (Galileo and EGNOS) to Earth observation (Copernicus) in an engaging and entertaining way. Highlights include the 'OmniGlobe' - an interactive hologram of the earth's atmosphere, an impressive model of the 'Galileo' satellite and lots more...

The aim of the Expo is to show citizens how European space policy and space-based technologies benefit our everyday lives on earth and also of course, their importance for the European economy and job creation.

Completely FREE to the general public, record attendances have greeted the Expo throughout its tour

Follow the Expo on Twitter at: #euspaceexpo

Planning and venues

Sorry you missed us! The European Space Expo has already visited the following cities: Copenhagen, Toulouse, Helsinki, Brussels, Vienna, Larnaca (Cyprus), London, Madrid, Budapest, Hannover, Warsaw, Bratislava, Dublin, Rome, Vilnius, Tallinn, Munich, Lisbon , Craiova (Romania), Sofia, Prague and Genoa. And we hope to announce more cities for 2015!


For more information contact us.

DID YOU KNOW? Some everyday uses of EGNOS/Galileo as shown at the Expo...

Space - and virtual fencing!

Space - and noise reduction!

Space - and finding your way around!

Space - and pay-per-use insurance!

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