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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Concrete examples of real applications for Structural Fund projects.

Concrete examples of real applications for Structural Fund projects.

The Guidebook on How to use Structural Funds for SME & Entrepreneurship Policy is intended to serve as a «cook-book» on how to design, apply for and implement concrete projects in support of SME policies from the EU Structural Funds. It bases itself very much on previous initiatives in this area and is intended to be as hands-on as possible for all those designing a concrete project.

Following the content  of the Guidebook, a series of real and successful applications are here presented for further information and inspiration. They provide concrete templates on how to structure project applications and which elements are required.

 Project  Name

Type of Project



SMART Training Network for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Sustainable Economic Sectors pdf - 519 KB [519 KB]





Innovation 2 Industrialisation for Advanced Micro & Nanosystems :

- Project description pdf - 342 KB [342 KB] Nederlands (nl)

- Financial overview pdf - 184 KB [184 KB] Nederlands (nl)



Construction d’une Pépinière de l’Economie Sociale et Solidaire pdf - 903 KB [903 KB] français (fr)



INNOvation TRAINning IT pdf - 4 MB [4 MB]






Disclaimer :

This information is provided without assuming legal responsibility for correctness or completeness. Specific requests for the utilization of EU Structural Funds will always have to be assessed within the applicable rules in force at the date and in the country of the application. 

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