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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Green Action Plan for SMEs

Enabling SMEs to turn environmental challenges into business opportunities

The Green Action Plan (GAP) for SMEs proposes to exploit the business opportunities that the transition to a green economy offers, by improving productivity and driving down costs in European SMEs through resource efficiency, by supporting green entrepreneurship and by exploiting and developing Europe's leadership in green processes and technologies.

Communication on Green Action Plan for SMEs.

The GAP constitutes an integral support strategy for SMEs with a series of objectives and actions structured around five areas that address different aspects of how business opportunities may emerge for SMEs in a green economy:

  1. Greening SMEs for more competitiveness and sustainability,
  2. Green entrepreneurship for the companies of the future,
  3. Opportunities for SMEs in a greener value chain,
  4. Access to the markets for green SMEs,
  5. Governance

 The press release on the adoption of the Green Action Plan for SMEs.

List of actions to be implemented at European level within the framework of the Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020.

The Commission Communication is accompanied by a list of actions which can be downloaded here.
This list will be regularly updated for interested SMEs and SME intermediaries.

Public Consultation on the Green Action Plan for SMEs

The Green Action is the result of extensive consultations at high level with relevant SME stakeholders, discussions with the Network of SME Envoys and the results of the "Public Consultation on the Green Action Plan for SMEs" that took place at the end of 2013.

You can download:

The press release on the results of the public consultation on the Green Action Plan for SMEs.
The complete report on the results.

An overview of all the answers excel12bbook - 165 KB [165 KB] and additional contributions from stakeholders zip - 6 MB [6 MB] .


Evidence: What SMEs are doing in a green economy?

Eurobarometer Survey on SMEs, resource efficiency and green markets (latest survey December 2013)
Representatives of companies were interviewed across the EU, a number of other European countries and the US. This report addresses three core themes: resource efficiency, green markets and green jobs.
Link to Flash Eurobarometer :
Report summary  
Full report  
Press release

Study on SMEs and the environment in the EU (October 2010)

This report estimates the environmental impact of SMEs in Europe. The results are collected in a database that allows the user to compare the environmental impact of certain indicators among Member States and within a specific industrial sector per type of company.
The study also analyses both the administrative burdens from EU environmental legislation and the business opportunities in these areas for SMEs, with concrete examples from 13 European countries.
The report is accompanied by a web based toolkit to assist policy-makers and SMEs in developing environmental improvements.


Related EU initiatives

Videos on doing business in the green economy



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