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High Level Reflection Panels on Entrepreneurship Education

Final Report: "Towards Greater Cooperation and Coherence in Entrepreneurship Education"


Towards Greater Cooperation and Coherence in Entrepreneurship Education

Final report and evaluation of the pilot action “High Level Reflection Panels on Entrepreneurship Education”.
The document includes:

  • The findings from the Panels on the current state of play in entrepreneurship education, especially in relation to the development of entrepreneurship education strategies and their implementation.
  • A framework for mapping the area of entrepreneurship education, building strategy, priority setting and action, using a progression model developed from the discussions of the Panels.
  • A 'cook book' of good practices which show how to address key areas within the progression model.
  • Recommendations for action at EU level to support developments within Member States.

"Towards Greater Cooperation and Coherence in Entrepreneurship Education" pdf - 3 MB [3 MB]

Bringing together policy makers

As part of the implementation of the Small Business Act (Principle 1), the Commission facilitates the exchange of best practice between Member States, EEA countries and Candidate Countries in promoting entrepreneurship education more systematically.

The Commission brings together policy makers at European and national level, from both the education and the enterprise departments, and other relevant stakeholders. This project helps in increasing cooperation between different departments of the national administrations, and in introducing more coherent and systematic strategies for the development of entrepreneurship education at all levels (particularly in primary and secondary schools). As part of this exercise, the Commission wants to trigger initiatives to be taken at the European and national level, with the objective of developing a coherent strategy involving all actors.

The approach chosen for the High Level Reflection Panels is to group, for each of a total of four panels, 7 or 8 countries in a regional "cluster", so to allow for inter-active discussion and an effective exchange. The regional cluster are formed as follows:

High Level Reflection Panel 1 - West - London

Host: United Kingdom; Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Ireland, Iceland

High Level Reflection Panel 2 - North - Stockholm

Host: Sweden; Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway

High Level Reflection Panel 3 - Central/East - Prague

Host: Czech Republic; Austria, Poland, Germany, Hungary

High Level Reflection Panel 4 - South - Rome

Host: Italy; Bulgaria, Spain, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia


High Level Reflection Panel 5 - Extra-EU - Zagreb

All EU pre-accession countries and a selection of countries from the EU Southern Neighbourhood region (Host: Croatia; Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Israel, Kosovo (UNSCR 1244), Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Tunisia and Turkey).

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