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The Oslo Agenda for Entrepreneurship Education in Europe

Entrepreneurship Education in Europe: Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindsets through Education and Learning

Oslo, 26-27 October 2006

The Conference on "Entrepreneurship Education in Europe: Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindsets through Education and Learning" - an initiative of the European Commission jointly organised with the Norwegian government - took place in Oslo on 26-27 October 2006.

There were over 300 participants from all over Europe; policy makers and representatives from different public departments, organisations promoting programmes and activities, business associations, relevant stakeholders and representatives from schools and universities, experts and researchers in this field. They discussed policies and practices at all levels of education, from primary school up to university.

Through a number of workshops and presentations of Good Practice cases, the conference elaborated concrete initiatives on how to put the recommendations of the recent Commission Communication into practice.

  • The Flash Report pdf - 63 KB [63 KB] (with executive summary)
  • Proposed Conclusions & Recommendations and over 40 presentations are published here

The main outcome of the Oslo Conference is the "Oslo Agenda for Entrepreneurship Education in Europe". The ideas advanced in Oslo by a broad representation of stakeholders result now in a detailed catalogue of initiatives. The Agenda is a menu of proposals, from which all responsible actors can pick actions at the appropriate level, and adapt them to the local situation.

  • "Oslo Agenda for Entrepreneurship Education in Europe" pdf - 770 KB [770 KB] čeština (cs) Deutsch (de) français (fr) magyar (hu) polski (pl)

Commission communication: plan to promote entrepreneurial mindset in schools and universities

Plan to promote entrepreneurial mindset in schools and universities

Europe needs more new firms, more entrepreneurs willing to embark on innovative ventures, and more high-growth SMEs . The Commission has outlined a set of recommendations aimed to enhance the role of education in creating a more entrepreneurial culture in European societies. Starting from an early age, school education should stimulate young people's awareness of entrepreneurship as options for their future, and help them to be more creative and self-confident in whatever they undertake. At a later stage, universities and technical institutes should integrate entrepreneurship as an important part of the curriculum.

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