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Entrepreneurship in primary and secondary education

Study:  Entrepreneurship Education in Primary and Secondary Schools in Europe

Entrepreneurship education is being increasingly promoted in most European countries. This study consists of both a comparative overview and national descriptions. The comparative overview shows that the great majority of European countries address entrepreneurship education through national strategies or initiatives. Thus the importance of entrepreneurship education is widely recognised. The study also presents those countries where concrete guidelines and teaching materials give support to teachers, as well as a picture of current initiatives and ongoing reforms.

Entrepreneurship Education at School in Europe   (March 2012)   

Student Mini-Companies in Secondary Education

The best way of learning about entrepreneurship is through direct experience and practice. Mini-companies run by students at school develop on a small scale a real economic activity, or simulate in a realistic way the operations of firms. While not disregarding other pedagogical tools, mini-companies are an important option within any strategy for stimulating entrepreneurial attitudes and skills.

The Expert Report on the role of student companies in secondary education looks at the different methods and providers of such programmes. It shows how concrete examples can be successfully implemented, and looks at possible obstacles and difficulties. The report proposes a set of recommendations - addressing all the actors concerned - on how to increase the presence of these methodologies in education systems and their take-up by schools.

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