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Call for proposals and projects

2012 Call for Proposals on "Entrepreneurship education".

Projects to be co-financed will focus on one of the following objectives (priority areas):

  • Creating trans-European models for primary and secondary school teachers to support the development of their skills and methods in applying entrepreneurial learning to different teaching subjects and to different contexts.
  • Developing, organising and executing cross-European training/education workshops for teachers of entrepreneurship at institutions of higher education (universities, colleges, business schools, universities of applied sciences, etc.)
  • Creating a European online platform for teachers/educators to enable the cross-border exchange of good practice, methods and teaching materials in the field of entrepreneurship education.
  • Developing and testing a European common framework of tools and indicators to assess entrepreneurial mindsets, attitudes and skills acquired by students in entrepreneurship education.


Short description of projects

TES pdf - 387 KB [387 KB] YEADC pdf - 562 KB [562 KB] EEC pdf - 314 KB [314 KB] CONEEECT pdf - 186 KB [186 KB] NETT pdf - 68 KB [68 KB] ENTREDU pdf - 205 KB [205 KB] ASTEE pdf - 298 KB [298 KB]

List of awarded proposals pdf - 107 KB [107 KB]

Description of the call (Technical specifications pdf - 109 KB [109 KB] )

2009 Call for Proposals on "Entrepreneurial culture of young people and Entrepreneurship education".

As an outcome of the call, 9 projects received financial support from the Commission. All projects started in December 2009.

Awarded projects address issues such as:

  • establishing a cross-European summer academy for entrepreneurship professors;
  • fostering entrepreneurship among female university graduates;
  • developing innovative and practice-based teaching materials;
  • fostering the entrepreneurial mindsets of young people through games, competitions, campaigns, etc


 Summaries of completed projects

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