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Promoting entrepreneurship on TV and in other audio-visual media

There is a large entrepreneurial gap between Europe and other countries, notably the USA: In Europe only 45% of the population would like to be entrepreneurs, in the USA more than 60% say that they would like to be their own boss. TV and the other audio-visual media like Internet and radio could help to promote entrepreneurship in Europe, interest more people in an entrepreneurial career and generally improve the climate for entrepreneurial initiatives in European societies.

Audio-visual media, especially television, have the advantage of reaching a very broad audience. They can present information in a very concrete and tangible way. TV programmes, for example, allow conveying in a direct and vivid way what being an entrepreneur could be like. Apart from presenting entrepreneurial life realistically and concretely, these media can also provide factual information in an interesting and even entertaining way.

The project

In a first step a study was conducted to collect information on existing TV programmes that deal with entrepreneurship in a number of Member States. Moreover, the study looked into the relation between the media and people's attitudes towards certain professions and the general possibilities to influence entrepreneurial attitudes.

  • Study pdf - 764 KB [764 KB] : the promotion of entrepreneurship in the audio-visual media (esp. TV)

Building on the results of the study a group of experts with a background in media work who had been nominated by the participating Member States analysed how Member States might co-operate with the media, especially the TV, to promote entrepreneurship and formulated a number of recommendations on how the media could help to generate a more entrepreneurial culture in Europe.

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