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Your Europe Business Portal

The Your Europe Business Portal provides companies who are planning for cross-border activities with information and interactive services that help them expand their businesses abroad.

In today's Europe companies are free to expand their business within the Union. However, different administrative procedures, the use of different languages and the lack of information often make it difficult for them to exercise their rights in EU countries other than their own. In addition, the increasing provision of eGovernment services by Member State administrations - often designed for national users - runs the risk of erecting new 'red-tape' barriers. Conscious of this risk and determined to put the latest technologies at the service of Europeans, EU institutions and national administrations are working together in order to facilitate the increasing mobility of enterprises and contributing in this way to better integration across Europe.

The portal offers services in real-life situations, e.g. EU companies wanting to move or open a new branch in another Member State. The portal offers a single point of access to all mobility-related information and services available at national or European level. Users can navigate in any of the official EU languages. General EU information is also available in 20 languages, detailed and national information is offered in the language(s) of each Member State plus English, French and German.

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