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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

CEN - CENELEC and partners

CEN - CENELEC and partners


Eligible costs:Start date:

Project elearning (on line tool) in order to promote involvement of standardization to SMEs in terms of awareness, information, participation and use of standards. Will be available in´╗┐ all EU languages.

EC Contribution:End date:
403.593,63 €31/12/2014

SMEST 2SME Standardisation Toolkit 2 (2011-2013)
External visibility and promotion project to assist small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Europe - Phase 2
Eligible costs:Start date:

The second edition of the SMEST project was signed in 2010 and starts in 2011. Its main objectives are to build on the experience of the first edition.

The toolkit developed during the first edition will be converted into a dynamic knowledge-based system to share tools and experiences and to provide clear and easy to access information for National Standards Bodies (NSBs).

The project also aims to set up or develop cooperation between NSBs and national SME associations. To this end workshops in 19 European countries have been planned, expanding geographical coverage of the first phase which covered 11 new Member States.

  • The final results are expected in 2013.
672 723.61 €01/01/2011
EC Contribution:End date:
639 087.43 €31/07/2013


SME Standardisation Toolkit (2008-2009)
Eligible costs:Start date:

SME Standardisation Toolkit (SMEST 1) was designed to serve a twofold objective:

  • to provide National Standardisation Bodies with tools to better serve SME needs and
  • to organize train-the-trainers workshops to introduce the toolkit to a broad audience and promote generally the importance of SME participation in standards.

More information is available at

210 928.57 €01/01/2008
EC Contribution:End date:
168 742.86 €31/12/2009

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