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Ethnic minority / migrant entrepreneurs - reference documents

Conclusions and Recommendations of the European Commission's Network "Ethnic Minority Businesses"

In May 2008 the European Commission's Network "Ethnic Minority Businesses" published its final report. Apart from some analytical work on ethnic minority businesses the report puts forward a number of recommendations how ethnic minority and migrant businesses could be aided by national governments and support organisations to realise their full potential.
The network was established following the 2003 conference (see below) by the European commission and Member States. It consists of national administrators, researchers and representatives from business organisation. Its purpose is the exchange of information and good practices in the field of migrant entrepreneurship/ethnic minority entrepreneurship.

Study "Examination and Evaluation of Good Practices in the Promotion of Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs" - full report

The study was commissioned by the Directorate General Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission. The aim was to identify and examine specific measures and support schemes promoting entrepreneurship amongst ethnic minorities, and to select a number of good practices from amongst these measures. A second aim was to identify professional organisations representing the economic interests of ethnic minority entrepreneurs. The study has been conducted in 32 European countries, including the 27 member states of the European Union, the EFTA member countries, candidate country Turkey and Switzerland.

Pilot project relating to entrepreneurs of ethnic minorities (EMBNet) pdf - 17 KB [17 KB]

Study on young, women and minority entrepreneurs - part on ethnic minorities [220 KB]

In 2000 the European Commission financed a study and a pilot project on entrepreneurs from special groups.

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