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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Leonardo da Vinci Programme: Is it relevant to me?

If you are a company or an SME …

  • …do you want to cooperate with educational and training organisations, or SMEs in other EU countries?
  • …have you thought of entering new markets but do not have the right contacts abroad?
  • …or could you try to provide training and job experience to young or experienced people from another country?

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You do not have to pay for it and if the training period is successful you could consider employing the trainee afterwards. Provide your own staff with international experience: send them abroad for a limited period of time and benefit upon their return from the knowledge and experience they have gained - an investment that pays.


Our experience shows that making contacts abroad could be useful if you plan to expand your markets. Getting access to new knowledge and modern training programmes, guides and materials helps your employees to enhance their skills and competences and therefore to increase the competitiveness of your company.

If you are an apprentice or a young person in initial vocational training, professional training, or unemployed …

  • …do you want to enhance your occupational know-how in your particular area?
  • …do you want to enhance language skills and experience a different culture?
  • …or, do you simply want to develop personally by meeting people abroad?
  • …have you ever considered learning different production techniques at a workplace similar to yours in another country?

If you are a professional in vocational education and training…

  • …would you like to learn other training methods in foreign countries and share your experience with others?

If you are unemployed…

  • …would you like to get some professional training and increase your chances of employment?

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Participation in Leonardo projects brings about positive effects for personal and professional development of the individual. 24% of employed participants benefited from professional advancement, 21% received higher income and 34% increased their responsibilities at work, according to the Leonardo Da Vinci Evaluation. As a result of the training 36% of the trainees in Initial Vocational Training and 58% of unemployed participants found a job afterwards. 32% found work and/or a training place in another country.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, the Leonardo da Vinci programme may have opportunities suitable for you. Read on to learn more.

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