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2nd chance entrepreneurs in action


"To win you have to risk a loss" -  Jean Claude Killy

This section is devoted to public authorities interested in learning more about bankruptcy and second chance or developing an effective second chance policy and instruments. On these pages you will find:

Why a second chance policy

There is a strong economic rationale to promoting a second chance for formerly bankrupt entrepreneurs as there is a direct benefit in terms of a greater number of companies being created. Launching and promoting a second chance policy maybe as effective as or more than developing policies to support start-ups.

Main policy recommendations

Contains the main conclusions of the latest Commission project on bankruptcy and second chance (2009-2010) involving the participation of experts from 33 European countries.

Support for policy development

Includes links to European and National legislation, a list of national experts that can provide additional expertise, reference documents, a series of good practices in promotion and support of a second chance for former bankrupt entrepreneurs, Commission studies and statistics on bankruptcy across Europe.


In which you will find a number of ready made communication tools to promote a second chance policy either as a communication campaign or through education.

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