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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Policy – Communication

2nd chance entrepreneurs in action



"Difficulties increase the nearer we get the goal." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Our wide range of ready-to-use communication materials can be used in your national or EU-wide information campaigns. How to use EU communication materials pdf - 228 KB [228 KB] .


Give your business a second chance

Download pdf - 236 KB [236 KB]

The real failure is not trying

Download pdf - 186 KB [186 KB]

Sometimes business needs a second go

Download pdf - 261 KB [261 KB]

Getting up again is in our nature

Download pdf - 288 KB [288 KB]

Get help now

Download pdf - 132 KB [132 KB]

Each poster is designed for a specific target group. The format allows the slogans to be translated/adapted.


Give your Business a second chance

Download pdf - 279 KB [279 KB]

The real failure is not trying

Download pdf - 279 KB [279 KB]

Sometimes business needs a second go

Download pdf - 266 KB [266 KB]

Getting up again is on our nature

Download pdf - 264 KB [264 KB]

On the Agenda 2nd chance for Entrepreneurs

Download pdf - 272 KB [272 KB]

Each leaflet is designed to complement a particular poster and to expand on the specific message. The format allows you to translate/adapt the text for your own purposes. Some leaflets allow you to add references to contact points in specific countries, e.g. the leaflet for "People starting their own business" can show relevant national contact points. A few examples:

Belgium pdf - 279 KB [279 KB] Denmark pdf - 279 KB [279 KB] Spain pdf - 279 KB [279 KB] Lithuania pdf - 279 KB [279 KB]
Latvia pdf - 279 KB [279 KB] Austria pdf - 279 KB [279 KB] Sweden pdf - 280 KB [280 KB] United Kingdom pdf - 279 KB [279 KB]

TV commercials

Two 30-second TV commercials were available:

  • For small business owners facing financial difficulties:

TV Commercial

TV Commercial

  • Hi-res (496 Kbps)
  • Lo-res (53 Kbps)

For the general public:

General public

General public

  • Hi-res (496 Kbps)
  • Lo-res (53 Kbps)

They could not only be broadcast but also displayed on screen. Both were available in a format that allowed the text inserts to be translated/adapted.





You could view the video here (~3 min)

  • Hi-res (496 Kbps)
  • Lo-res (29 Kbps)

The video was aimed at young people aged 14-19. Two entrepreneurs reported how they experienced business failure and then started again from scratch.

The format allowed you to translate/adapt all the text inserts and subtitles for your own purposes.

Powerpoint presentations

Target groups

Each powerpoint presentation is designed for a different target group. The text can easily be translated/adapted.

Visuals / images

Target groups

Each collection of images and visuals (image plus text/slogan) could be used to illustrate event schedules, hand-outs or presentations.


Here you can have access to the complete quotes used in this site

Teaching material

Addressing young people through education is one way Europe can foster the enterprise culture it needs for a prosperous society and competitive economy. Studies have shown that the stigma of business failure currently deters potential self-starters in business and hinders those who've failed first time round but want to try again.

We want to give young people a better understanding that:

  • mistakes and failure provide important opportunities for learning
  • economic prosperity is also based on trial and error.

Why do they need to know this?

  • As adults, their attitudes will shape the economic environment.
  • Some of them may be budding entrepreneurs themselves.

Interdisciplinary approach

We are encouraging teachers to show how success (e.g. in life and in business) comes through persistence and learning from initial failures, in their teaching of:

  • literature - from mythology to contemporary works.
  • history - Europe's great discoveries and inventions.
  • economic development - adapting to changing circumstances has helped Europe move from a rural society to a prosperous post-industrial one.

Downloadable teaching aids

How you can use the information on this site to plan interesting lessons.

Background information on the need for an enterprise culture in Europe.

Contact information

To order material in editable formats, please contact:

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