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Id 837
Year of submission 2011
01. Title of the measure The Dispositif en Intelligence Stratégique (IS, Strategic Intelligence Tool) in Wallonia aims to raise awareness of the IS concept in order to foster the emergence of innovative projects in Wallonian SMEs
02. Country
03. Language English
04. Contact details
Responsible organisation Agence de Stimulation économique
Name and Surname of contact person SANTUS Olivia
Street and number Rue du Vertbois, 13b
Postal code 4000
Country BE
E-mail of contact person
Website of organisation et

05. SBA policy area Skills and innovation
06. Source SBA implementation in member states
07. Description of the measure The Dispositif wallon en Intelligence Stratégique (Wallonian Strategic Intelligence Tool) was defined and developed by the ASE with the support of IS experts and the commitment of 30 SME managers. Together with the ASE, this tool is now used in association with SME managers by IS-approved economic promotion operators, namely BEP, CCIH, IDELUX, IDETA and SPI+. It is a four-phase system: awareness-raising, training, support and networking. The aim of awareness-raising is to provide information on IS and encourage SMEs to get involved. Awareness-raising sessions are organised several times a year by operators and look at the added value of IS for the business. Training aims to allow SME managers to gain the basic knowledge for this subject field (monitoring, protection, influence). The training involves six theoretical modules given over three half-days and one practical module lasting half a day. The support phase encourages correct IS conduct by SMEs. The support takes the form of a visit to the business during which the operator takes a strategic intelligence participative test. This test is run over two half-days: - an initial individual meeting with the SME manager to become familiar with the business and situate it in its internal and external economic environment; - a second meeting: the operator makes recommendations to the SME manager and gives him/her a summary report intended to help him/her to adopt an "IS" organisational approach. The networking phase allows for communication and an exchange of good IS practices. In this respect, the ASE organises the "Assises de l’Intelligence Stratégique" (strategic intelligence conferences) every year, with the aim of bringing together all IS stakeholders (businesses, operators, consultants, students and academics).
08. Objectives The aim of the Dispositif en Intelligence Stratégique is to raise awareness of IS among as many SMEs as possible over the Walloon Region, in order to encourage innovation and support the creation of value and jobs.

09. Duration (dd/mm/yyyy)
Start Date 01/09/2007
End Date Measure open-ended
Other Information
10. Target group SMEs of at least five people Sectors eligible for ERDF funds Specific target group: the SME number one
11. Have you consulted business organisations before submitting this measure? Yes
11.1 Comments/testimonial by business organisation/entrepreneur After three years in operation, an external evaluation of the measures under the Dispositif IS seemed essential (survey carried out in August 2010). The level of overall satisfaction is very high. Here are the contact details for three people who participate in the Dispositif and who were interviewed for the survey in August 2010: Madame Fabienne Bister - Rue de Francquen, 1 – 5100 Jambes 0032 81 30 03 06 Monsieur Rodolphe FINAMORE - Rue des Fories, 2 – 4020 Liège 0032 4 3 44 1400 Madame Anne Marie Heller - Rue Phocas Lejeune, 32 - 5032 Isnes 0032 81 72 01 00
12. Why is this measure a success? Please give information on results and achievements. Overall satisfaction is very high (survey conducted in August 2010). The tool meet the expectations of 89% of respondents and over 90% of the participants would recommend the training to other entrepreneurs. It is important to underline that over 80% of respondents have already made changes to their business. This percentage is as high as 92% for people who received individual support.
13. Problems that had to be overcome and lessons learned None of the awareness-raising actions proposed an integrated approach for Strategic intelligence. The ASE proposed a basic structure for the awareness-raising sessions in order to cover the integrated approach and IS-related matters for SME managers, and also teaching posts in order to create a framework for the training. The aim is to apply a common methodology for the entire Walloon Region. Local media contribute little to the promotion of the advantages of Strategic Intelligence. The concept was new in Wallonia, so a significant amount of promotion and external communication work was necessary. With this in mind, the Agency organises a major event each year in order to communicate and raise awareness on a broader scale.
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