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Smart regulation

Better input from businesses for smarter EU policies

Use "Roadmaps" to prepare your input early on

The Commission prepares "roadmaps" for all initiatives likely to have significant impacts. The roadmap gives a first description of the planned initiative, the problem at stake, its objectives, various options under review and their likely impacts.

The Roadmap also indicates when the initiative is scheduled for presentation, whether an impact assessment will be conducted and when consultations will take place.

Roadmaps are prepared for:

  • legislative initiatives (new proposals or major revisions of existing rules);
  • non-legislative initiatives which define future policies (white papers, action plans, expenditure programmes, negotiating guidelines for international agreements, policy communications, Commission recommendations and proposals for Council Recommendations);
  • major implementing measures (delegated or implementing acts).

All the Roadmaps are available on the website of the Secretariat General.

Register for being directly warned about new developments

Professional and sectoral organisations registered in the EU Transparency Register receive an alert each time the Commission publishes a new roadmap or launches a public consultation in the field of their respective interest.

Focus on the most relevant initiatives

Every year, DG Enterprise and Industry invites EU-wide SMEs organisations to identify incoming initiatives listed on the Commission's Work Programme that are likely to have a strong SME dimension. The Commission pays particular attention to that list of initiatives pdf - 98 KB [98 KB] , e.g. by monitoring the application of the "Think Small First" principle.

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