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Smart regulation

The regulatory environment in which EU industry and enterprises operate influences their competitiveness and their ability to grow and create jobs. The Commission is committed to improve that environment : one that is simple, understandable, effective and enforceable.

The smart regulation agenda has already significantly changed how the Commission makes policy and proposes to regulate.

In the Communication "Smart Regulation in the EU" (October 2010), the Commission has set out plans to further improve the quality and relevance of EU legislation. It will evaluate the impact of legislation during the whole policy cycle.

The smart regulation agenda of the Commission aims at:

  • Evaluating more systematically benefits and costs of existing legislation ("fitness check")
  • Improving consultation of stakeholders
  • Improving the quality of Impact Assessment
  • Improving the stock of EU legislation (simplifying EU legislation and reducing administrative burdens )
  • Improving the transposition, implementation and enforcement of EU legislation

Further details regarding smart regulation can be found on the Secretariat General website.

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