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Single market for goods

Technical Assistance

The DG Enterprise and Industry gives input to and co-ordinates input to technical assistance for third countries in the area of free movement of goods. The technical assistance provided must address the priority needs of the recipient countries. In order to ensure this, the unit carries out evaluations of proposals for technical assistance programmes and projects. It also takes initiatives in new technical assistance activities.

Both bilateral and regional assistance is addressed. Geographical areas of special interest are the Mediterranean countries (MED), the South-East European countries, the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union (NIS), the Latin American countries (MERCOSUR, the Andean Community, Central America) and the South-East Asian countries (ASEAN). Presently input and participation in the development of technical assistance in the World Trade Organisation Technical Barriers to Trade Committee is of high importance.

Technical assistance is provided for institution building (e.g. developing the administrative and regulatory infrastructure and raising awareness) and investment support (e.g. for conformity assessment, market surveillance and metrology organisations). Technical assistance can e.g. be given as seminars and workshops, hands-on training, short, medium and long term expert advice and laboratory equipment.


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