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Single market for goods

Background documents

General policy documents

Texts of MRAs

Guidance documents & references of regulations

  • Conformity assessment guides for EC designating authorities, EC conformity assessment bodies and european industry relating to Australia and New Zealand, Canada and the USA
  • Guide on the mutual recognition agreement between the EC and Japan
  • Lists of EU notified bodies and MRA conformity assessment bodies under the new approach directives are also available on the NANDO website. The lists include the identification number of each notified body/conformity assessment body as well as the tasks for which it has been notified 
  • Accreditation and the community's policy in the field of conformity assessment
    Document Certif. 97/4 rev.2 of 15.12.1997
  • Code of conduct for the functioning of the system of notified bodies
    Document Certif. 97/1 Rev. 3 of 17.07.1998
  • Framework for coordination and cooperation between notified bodies, Member States and the European Commission under the community harmonisation directives based on the new approach and the global approach
    Document Certif. 94/6 Rev. 6 of 20.02.1998 
  • Implementation of Mutual Recognition Agreements on conformity assessment (MRA) and Protocol on European Conformity Assessment (PECA)
    Document Certif. 98/7 of 24.07.1998
  • Procedure for designation of conformity assessment bodies under an MRA and its annexes
    Document Certif. 96/3 Rev. 6 of 14.06.2001
  • Specifications concerning assessment and supervision of systems applying to Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) with a view to their designation under MRAs
    Document Certif. 96/1 of 26.06.1996
  • The EN 45000 series of standards and the conformity assessment procedures of the global approach
    Document Certif. 97/5 of 24.03.1998
  • The EN 45000 standards, accreditation and notification of notified bodies
    Document Certif. 98/4 of 25.03.1998

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