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Enterprise Europe Network

Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism (MCIT) www.mcit.gov.cy

  • Competition and Consumer Protection Service
  • Weights and Measures Service
  • Energy Services

Ministry of Communications and Works (MCW) www.mcw.gov.cy

  • Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services
  • Department of Merchant Shipping

Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance (MLSI) www.mlsi.gov.cy

  • Department of Labour Inspection

Ministry of Interior (MOI) www.moi.gov.cy

  • Construction Products Sector, Technical Services

Ministry of Health (MOH) www.moh.gov.cy

  • Cyprus Medical Devices Competent Authority

Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (MANRE) www.moa.gov.cy

  • Department of Environment
  • Inspectorate of Explosive Substances

Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation www.ocecpr.org.cy

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