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Policy and research in security

Structure & state-of-play

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Each year the EU’s Security Research programme defines around 40-50 R&D topics for funding.

These range from research into the societal aspects of security such as privacy and data protection to the demonstration of integrated technological systems.

The size of a project’s grant is determined by the scope of its research and the corresponding funding category which applies to it. The programme recognizes three broad funding categories of research:

  • Capability projects - involving a single technology goal, and thus eligible for EU co-funding of up to about EUR 3 million

  • Integration projects – based on fusing several technological capabilities together, and eligible for EU co-funding in the EUR 3-to-10 million range (approx.)

  • Demonstration projects – based on integrated system-of-systems capabilities, and eligible for co-funding of up to EUR 20-30 million  (although smaller projects are also possible)

For the programme’s remaining 2011-2013 timeframe, the budgetary emphasis will be two-fold. On the one hand, it will steadily shift to Demonstration projects since these are the most technologically challenging and difficult to organise. On the other, it will maintain strong support for relatively small(er) innovative projects that target new technologies.

So far, over 170 Security Research projects have been funded. It is likely that this number will exceed 200 by the time the programme reaches the end of its budgetary life in 2013.

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