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Policy and research in security


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The Policy and Research in Security programm (PRS) programme is administered by DG-ENTR’s policy unit G-4 in collaboration with the EU’s Research Executive Agency (REA).

The Policy and Research in Security programme, which is part of the Seventh Framework Programme for Community R&D (FP7), has a budget of EUR 1.4 billion and covers the period of 2007-2013, though its origins stretch back to the 2003 pilot platform known as PASR pdf - 169 KB [169 KB] .

The Commission’s R&D support for the sector is carried out via annual calls for security research topics, with one call launched each year, usually around June-July.

Each research topic supports one or more of the EU’s four security missions and spawns projects lasting anywhere from one to four years.

Grants vary from modest amounts for academic inquiry and studies to large-scale technology demonstration projects with budgets of EUR 20 million or more. The security research programme will disburse more during the second half of its budgetary period to correspond with the larger-scale projects that are taking off during that time.

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