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The primary customer for the Security Research programme’s technologies and capabilities is the public sector:  governments and their “front line” services in law enforcement, health, emergency response, border management & customs, transport and other areas essential to the safety and security of Europe’s citizenry. It requires that capabilities match from the start, as much as possible, what the customer needs.

Dialogue, consultation and participation are needed at many levels – regional, national and European – and between the widest number of players: local end-users, industry, universities, citizens’ groups, national governments, research institutes and the EU and its various agencies.

Adding to this complexity is the fragmented nature of Europe’s civil security industrial and scientific communities. Technology players often operate within the same national market unaware of each other – and even more so when it comes to finding partners in other EU Member States and Associated Countries. For cross-fertilisation to take place, awareness of opportunities must change.

The Commission promotes capability-oriented dialogue via workshops, conferences, stakeholder consultations and the distribution of special reports and analyses. These are designed to keep a maximum number of stakeholders in touch with each other – and with the user community’s current and future Security Research needs.


The EU’s annual Security Research Conference is the largest example of networking between public and private security stakeholders. More recent are the Commission’s theme-specific workshops that bring specialists together to debate specific capability requirements or societal challenges in security research.


The workshops have proven to be a useful tool for gathering stakeholder ideas and feedback. They will continue for the remainder of the Security Research programme’s 2007-2013 timeline.


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