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Policy and research in security

Security Research Conferences

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The annual Security Research Conference (SRC) is the EU’s most established stakeholder event, and has been held every year since 2006 when the first was organised in Vienna in conjunction with the Austrian Presidency of the EU. Others have taken place in Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Ostend (Belgium) and, most recently, in Warsaw, with the backing of their respective EU Presidencies.

SRC events bring together hundreds of representatives from government and end-user organisations, civil society, technology companies, research institutes, the media and segments from Europe and beyond.

Each conference programme offers an overview and debate of the latest policy developments at national and EU level, and of initiatives in support of innovation. These are debated in plenary meetings and in thematic break-out sessions throughout the three-day agenda.

As for SCR venue itself, it is structured to showcase the results of on-going research projects, while promoting maximum networking opportunities for future security R&D efforts. For example, the conference’s “speed dating” session for seeking or offering future security research ideas and partnering has become one of the conference’s most popular features.

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