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Policy and research in security

Pan-EU industrial standards

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Whereas European-level standards have been set in many industrial sectors, the EU’s security sector has very few. Security technology innovators need these references to guide their investment in R&D activity and product development, and to underpin the development of a more cohesive and borderless EU marketplace for civil security goods and services.

DG Enterprise and Industry is reviewing where action is most needed. The general goal is to ensure that the security technologies used by national and regional authorities are compatible across borders. 

One pressing concern is for cross-border industrial standards in those areas that are most directly linked to the 27 EU nations’ security-of-the-citizen mission. Emergency broadcast networks and border surveillance capabilities are obvious instances where compatibility is necessary.

DG Enterprise and Industry will work more closely with industry and Europe’s standards-setting institutions (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI) to speed up and modernise the creation of standards in these and other sub-sectors.  The first step is for the Commission to work with the relevant stakeholders to decide on the priorities and then give a formal mandate to the standards institutions to define the technical parameters.

By nature standards-setting is a slow-going affair, no matter what the sector. The goal in security, however, is to give the institutes a relatively short mandate to deliver their recommendations for the sector.

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