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Policy and Research in Security

The Policy and research in security programme’s primary goal is to protect Europe’s citizens and society from harm, while enabling its economy to recover from man-made or natural disasters.

EU-funded security research projects are developing a wide swath of public-sector capabilities. For example, there are projects to integrate area-wide situational awareness and alert capabilities so that civil security end-users and first responders can work together interoperably within and across Europe’s regions. Other projects are helping consolidate the EU’s external frontiers, while still others are developing techniques to protect Europe’s critical energy, transport and telecommunications networks from harm. Full details about our current and past Security Research projects.

Security Research also has a clear economic dimension. The programme’s research projects are complemented by industrial policy measures, ranging from the support of technical standards to efforts to overcome fragmentation in Europe’s security market. The main goal here is to strengthen the sector and Europe’s competitive position in the global marketplace for security products and services.

All these activities are based on regular stakeholders' consultations with government, civil society and industry via workshops, conferences and advisory groups. This ensures not only that EU Security Research and Industry policy is based on proper governance but that Europe’s supply side corresponds properly with demand.

For the latest news about the EU’s security research projects, related events and industrial policy developments, go to:  Security Shop Talk.

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