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Satellite navigation

Open service

On 1st October 2009, the European Commission declared that EGNOS' basic navigation signal is operationally ready as an open and free service.

EGNOS Open Service provides Europeans with unprecedented positioning precision by improving the accuracy of GPS.

The continuous monitoring of the EGNOS signal shows that it improves the accuracy of GPS to within one to two metres and is available more than 99 percent of the time. By comparison, someone using a GPS receiver that is not EGNOS enabled can only be sure of its position to within 17 metres.

In announcing the availability of the Open Service, the Commission confirms that this level of performance is available for the long term and that the signal can be used without any charges. Receiver manufacturers and application developers are able to provide their customers with the benefits of the GPS performance improvements simply by adding EGNOS capability to their products. No authorisation or receiver-specific certification is required.

On December 22nd 2014, the Version 2.1 of the Open Service Definition Document has been released.

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