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Satellite navigation

EDAS service

EDAS - EGNOS Data Access Service

On 26th July 2012, the European Commission launched the EGNOS Data Access Service.

A new service from EGNOS is now available! EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service) provides a terrestrial commercial data service which offers ground-based access to EGNOS data. EDAS is the single point of access for the data collected and generated by the EGNOS infrastructure which is composed of ground stations (currently 40) distributed over Europe and North Africa. The main types of data provided by EDAS are:

  • Raw GPS, GLONASS and EGNOS GEO observations and navigation data collected by the entire network of Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Stations (RIMS) and Navigation Land Earth Stations (NLES)
  • EGNOS augmentation messages, as normally received by users via the EGNOS Geostationary satellites

The EGNOS Helpdesk (email:, website:, telephone: +34 911236555) is the main contact channel available for users to register, ask questions about the status of EGNOS services and performances and consult the EDAS Service Definition Document (EDAS SDD) which can also be found in the documents section below.


NEW: the EDAS Service Definition Document v2.1  has been released (December 22nd, 2014).

Background information

EDAS -the EGNOS Data Access Service- allows you to plug into EGNOS to receive the data collected, generated and delivered by Europe's first satellite navigation system. EDAS therefore provides the opportunity for service providers to deliver EGNOS data to users who cannot always view the EGNOS satellites (such as in urban canyons) or to support a variety of other value added services, applications and research programs.

 The EDAS Service is provided by ESSP (EGNOS Service Provider) under a contract with the European Commission.

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