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Galileo: Public Regulated Services

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Among the five services to be provided by Galileo the "Public Regulated Services" (PRS) will be restricted to authorized users by governments for sensitive applications that require a high level of continuity.

The PRS uses robust signals, i.e. being encrypted and resistant to jamming.

The PRS is reserved to the Council, the Commission, the Member States, possibly to duly authorized agencies of the European Union, third countries and international organizations.

Its applications may be very sensitive from a political and strategic viewpoint. Its use will be closely monitored and controlled for safety and security reasons.

PRS applications will be used by emergency services, critical transportation, energy or telecom and defence purposes: even if Galileo is the first civilian GNSS in the world, nothing prevents the Member States to use it for military purposes. In this context, the PRS can have important impacts on the Europe's Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and on the European Security and Defence Policy (ESDP).

On 8 October 2010, the Commission adopted a decision detailing the rules for access to the PRS encompassing the possible authorised users, the setting up of authorities to manage and control the manufacture, possession and use of PRS receivers.

It also includes a framework for manufacturing and securing PRS receivers, provisions on export controls and on Galileo monitoring stations spread across the world, and provisions related to Europe's Common Foreign and Security Policy.

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