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Raw materials

Public consultation on the Raw Materials Initiative

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Policy fields

Industry, raw materials, environment, trade, development, research, innovation

Target groups

Public authorities, private organisations, industry associations, SMEs, citizens, consumer organisations, trade unions, NGOs, environmental organisations

Period of the consultation

The public consultation ran from June until September 2010.

Objective of the consultation

In 2008 the Commission launched the EU Raw Materials Initiative (RMI). Following the publication of the first Communication in November 2008, the Commission noted that it would, within two years, report to the Council on progress made in implementing the RMI.

During 2010, and in preparation for a second RMI, the Commission invited stakeholders to comment on a range of questions on raw materials policy issues. The results of this open consultation provided important input into the Communication on Commodities Markets & Raw Materials, which was published in February 2011.  This Communication not only reported on progress made with the implementation of this initiative, but also indicated future action. It also extended the analysis to general commodity markets.

Received contributions


View the questionnaire

Questionnaire  pdf - 45 KB [45 KB]

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