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Raw materials

Public consultation on a possible Innovation Partnership on raw materials

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Policy fields

Raw materials, recycling, raw materials efficiency, technology & innovation, security of raw materials supply, international cooperation, raw materials diplomacy and geological research.

Target groups

Public authorities, private organisations, industry associations, small businesses (SMEs), private individuals inside and outside the EU, consumer organisations, trade unions, NGOs, environmental organisations, notified bodies, consultancies, workers' and employers' federations and other relevant stakeholders.

Period of the consultation

From 15/04/2011 to 20/06/2011 (closed)

Objective of the consultation

Innovation is the cornerstone of the Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The Union's strategy for innovation is spelled out in the 'Innovation Union' flagship initiative, proposed by the European Commission in October 2010. It covers the whole research and innovation cycle, from support to basic science and major research infrastructures to the promotion of open markets for new innovative products, making full use of regulations, standards, public procurement and intellectual property protection.

The EU raw materials strategy recognises the importance of sustainable access to raw materials for European society. The Commission believes innovation policy, which covers demand-based and supply-side measures, can play a crucial role in achieving the main policy goals set out in this strategy. For this reason, the Commission is considering the launch of an Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials – in line with the 'Innovation Union' flagship initiative.

The purpose of this public consultation is to gather stakeholder feedback on questions related to the concrete objectives of any future Innovation Partnership and the focus for its work.

This public consultation concerns a proposal for an Innovation Partnership, for which a decision will need to be taken by the European Commission in the framework of the Innovation Union. The consultation does not prejudge either the decision or the financial implications contained therein.

Number of responses received for this consultation

This information will be published after the consultation closes.

Results of the consultation and next steps

Contributions will be published on the Internet. The results from all respondents will be compiled, analysed and used in the planning phase of the Innovation Partnership.

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