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Innovation Acceleration (Europe INNOVA)

1. Europe INNOVA

Throughout 2006-2012, Europe INNOVA has been the laboratory for the development, testing and promotion of new tools and instruments in support of innovation, with a view to helping innovative enterprises to innovate faster and better. Thus, it has served as a pan-European platform for innovation professionals, enabling them to discuss, develop, test and exchange ‘better practices’ in support of innovative SMEs and to contribute to a better understanding of the innovation patterns in different sectors.

In its second phase, 2009-2012, Europe INNOVA was focused around three European Innovation Platforms (IPs) addressing issues related to knowledge-intensive services (KIS) cluster cooperation and eco-innovation. Under each IP, public-private partnerships developed and tested new innovation support services for SMEs.

  • KIS-IP aimed to accelerate the uptake of service innovations, including the design and testing of new service packages and new forms of service delivery in knowledge intensive services such as ICT, renewable energies, space-based services, creative industries, digital media, mobile telecommunication and sustainable construction.
  • Cluster-IP designed and tested new support tools for innovative SMEs to help them internationalise and access expertise, and it experimented with new forms of cluster cooperation and joint approaches to exploiting research and innovation capacity in the fields of biotechnology and eco-industries.
  • Eco-IP has experimented with new forms of mediation between those companies that possess prototype eco-innovative solutions and those that could be willing to test these as first users with a view to help bridging the demand for, and supply, of environment-friendly solutions, in areas such as bio-based products, recycling and resource efficiency, water management and the food & drinks industry.
  • The European Innovation Platforms have been supported by a number of actions providing innovation analysis (European Cluster Observatory, the Eco-Innovation Observatory (managed by DG Environment) and the Sectoral Innovation Watch), innovation management (IMP3rove) and the promotion of novel results, tools and services (KISPLATFORM, ECOLINK+ and TAKE IT UP.

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